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Why was Modamily Started

I noticed a lot of people were having kids and starting families later in life. Many would spend their 20’s and 30’s focused on advancing their careers, making money, and pursuing individual experiences and travel. As they got older, many people, particularly women approaching 40 who were still single, started to feel the pressures of biological clock and were growing frustrated by the short term casual relationships they were finding on the mainstream dating apps. They had limited options for finding a like-minded person who was ready to start a family. I wanted to build a platform for everyone who is ready to start a family and help educate them on all of the ways they can make that happen. We connect and educate people who are looking to start a family in any arrangement that works best for them, whether it be a romantic relationship, a platonic co-parent, or a known donor.

What's the difference (pros/cons?) between turning to a sperm donor and finding a co-parent?

A co-parent is usually a legal parent with all the rights and responsibilities that go along with that. A known donor is not a legal parent and not financially responsible for the child, but the child knows who their bio-parent is and has some kind of relationship to the family and child that can grow over time.

The main difference is the other person is involved with the raising of your child. We feel that co-parenting provides more support to the child because it involves two parents that are physically, financially, and emotionally committed.

In a gay/lesbian couple relationship looking for a sperm/egg donor, the involvement of the donor is usually more limited, but if the donor has some kind of relationship with the child, it can provide them with a better sense of identity about where they come from. Healthy, happy, and balanced children are what we are trying to achieve and statistically, having both a mother and father within a child’s life dramatically improves chances for a happy and balanced upbringing.

Also, donor conceived children sometimes develop health problems related to their father’s genetic makeup, for example they pass down the genes which may make them more susceptible to certain diseases such as diabetes or cancer. Knowing this information can help with diagnosis and even preventative treatment. Therefore knowing the identity of a donor has many benefits for the child, through to when they become adults.

A donor can be anonymous or known. Modamily works primarily with known donors where you know the identity of the donor from the beginning and can have a relationship with them as opposed to an anonymous donor you find at the sperm bank.

Is the idea that people who find each other on Modamily later hook up and actually have sex until the woman is pregnant - or through insemination?

People can find a romantic relationship with someone whos ready to start a family on Modamily or they can decide to go the platonic co-parent route. In our experience, a platonic co-parenting arrangement usually only happens when one party is gay and the other is straight. If both parties are straight, there is usually an attempt at a romantic relationship, but that’s up to you. We provide introductions with someone we think you’d like.

The fundamental concept behind Modamily is that we provide a network where members can meet other like-minded people who dream of becoming a parent. There are many ways to become a co-parent, and what Modamily does is help our members find someone that wants to raise a child in a similar fashion as they do. Modamily simply matches up the parents based on their desires and they decide how best to proceed from there. 

If people find a good parent match on Modamily - why just have a baby together and not also start a relationship?

The desire to become a parent is why men and women use Modamily, but there is nothing preventing the development of a relationship. Our primary goal is to create a community for great potential parents that removes the stress and pressures associated with feeling that in order to be a parent one must find a spouse first.

How do you think the fast track to parenthood, through a social forum online, will change the way families are formed in the future?

A niche social network like Modamily will definitely help increase the odds of finding someone in a shorter period of time. This goes for straight or gay singles and couples looking for a donor. Everyone joins for the same purpose: to become a parent and have a family. Because people are staying single longer and waiting to get married, sites like Modamily can fill the void by helping those that still want to fulfill dreams of having a child. There’s plenty of time to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, but only a limited time to find Mommy or Daddy Right. Maybe the person you raise children with is not the same person that you grow old with?

The Modamily Mission

Modamily provides a network where members can meet other like-minded people who dream of starting a family. There are many ways to become a parent, and what Modamily does is help our members find someone that wants to raise a child in a similar fashion as they do. 

One of the sites capabilities that sets us apart from other co-parenting and sperm donor sites is the Parenting and Lifestyle quiz, which helps member’s determine which candidates on Modamily have a similar vision and values ethic for how they want to raise their child. Furthermore, Modamily has recently launched Modamily Concierge, where our staff personally gets involved to guide members through their search process of finding either a co-parent, donor, and/or surrogate.

Modamily is also the go-to resource for information about co-parenting and sperm donor laws, fertility options, pregnancy health and well-being, and best practices recommendations on how best to responsibly embark on this journey.

Modamily has been featured internationally in The NY Times, WSJ, The Atlantic, BBC News, ABC News, Fox News, the Huffington Post, the Daily Mail, Marie Claire, Babycenter.com, and more.

Contact us at contact@modamily.com for further inquiries.

Who are Modamily's Clients?

  • Single men and women who are ready to start a family and looking for a partner or need help finding a donor
  • LGBT singles and couples looking for a co-parent, donor, and/or surrogate
  • Professional matchmakers that have a client looking to start a family
  • People looking for information on modern family formation and introductions to professionals in the modern family industry, such as IVF clinics, Surrogacy & Donor Agencies, Therapists, and Lawyers
  • Businesses in the Fertility Industry