How a Baby Changes Your Life

Are you wondering what happens next after you conceive your child? Whether this is with or without a parent or co-parent, you’ll be sure to find some dramatic changes.

Your life changes after having a child. A newborn child will consume your days, but here are our best tips for how to prepare for life after birth and co-parenting tips. 

Preparation for the Baby

There is no perfect way to prepare for a baby, but you can take some of the following steps to welcome the bundle of joy into your home! 

Make Designated Organized Areas

Babies can quickly consume all the space in your home if you aren’t mindful of where you are putting everything. Changing, clothes, toys, feeding areas- the list goes on. To avoid a cluttered home, assign designated spots where you have space. You could set up the diaper changing area in one room and always have a fully-stocked diaper bag. In addition to the changing room, make certain corners the play zone, feeding zone, sleep zone, or any other essential zone. With this, you won’t confuse the plastic toys with anything. 

Also, make sure these areas are set up with bins and other organizational items. It’s a good idea to keep all your diaper changing items stocked, as well as cleaning supplies and first aid kits. To make this space work for you, make sure it’s organized so you know where everything needs to go. 

Have Your Support System 

Having a quality support system can be helpful before birth, but it becomes essential after the baby is born. This is especially important if you choose to start your family as a single person. Whether your support is from family or friends that live near you or a support group, try reaching out to some people to see if they could help during any early stages of having the baby at home. 

If you plan to parent with a co-parent, try making a list together of people who you can both reach out to if an emergency arises. Not only is it essential to have preparations, but you should also communicate how you will divide the time during the early days of having a baby.  

Life After Baby

Your life is going to look different after starting a family, and although it will be an adjustment, the reward is well worth it! 

Mind and Body 

Not only does your schedule change, but you may also notice differences in your body and mind. Although these changes are nothing to fear, it is important to prepare yourself for what this will bring. It is shown that the parents’ brains can be “remodeled”; parenting can change the way they process emotions.

Research shows that the transition from no baby to parenthood is one of the most massive reorganizations in a human lifespan, it changes your endocrine system, behavior, identity, relationships, and many more aspects of your life. You will be using more energy than before, and your body can look different (especially for mothers who have carried their children). 

Sleep Patterns & Noise Levels 

Having a “normal sleep schedule” for your child should not be considered a mark of a good parent. However, your quiet times will become few and far between. Be prepared with earplugs, headphones, or whatever you need to adjust to this lifestyle change. The levels of noise in your house will change, although this might be one of the most noticeable changes, you will adapt to this as it comes. Your tolerance will grow as well.

Life Purpose 

Welcoming life into the world is a special accomplishment. You can create a whole life for your new child and feel a deeper connection you may have not felt before! You may find yourself finding more meaning in the smaller things in life. Depending on your situation, you will learn how to balance your time with your partner or co-parent to raise your family. 

Starting a Family with Modamily 

Many people are starting families later in life, if you’ve spent your 20’s and 30’s on your career and feel the biological time clock to conceive, Modamily is here for you! With a large pool of users from all over the world, you have the ability to meet your sperm, egg donor or co-parent! 

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People can find a romantic relationship with someone who’s ready to start a family on Modamily or they can decide to go the platonic co-parent route. In our experience, a platonic co-parenting arrangement usually only happens when one party is gay and the other is straight. If both parties are straight, there is usually an attempt at a romantic relationship--but that’s up to you. We provide introductions with someone we think you’d like.

The fundamental concept behind Modamily is that we provide a network where members can meet other like-minded people who dream of becoming a parent. There are many ways to become a co-parent, and what Modamily does is help our members find someone that wants to raise a child in a similar fashion as they do. Modamily simply matches up the parents based on their desires and they decide how best to proceed from there. 


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