How to Stay A Connected Parent While Away

Even in a perfect world, parenting would still be hard! Both rookie parents and those who have been around the block struggle with the unknowns of parenting. “Am I doing this right?”, might be a pretty frequent thought running through your head. 

Some parents can face the extra challenge of being far away from their children. You may have to live far away from your child and only get to see them on holidays or during summer vacation--or you may be a divorced parent who has joint custody. Being away from your child is difficult, to say the least! Although you may be physically far away from your child, you can still create an emotionally close relationship with them! 

Long-Distance Parenting Plan

Not being able to see your child is very often far from ideal. To keep a strong bond and connection with your child it is crucial to create a plan. A plan can keep this relationship on the top of your priority list! Your parenting plan doesn’t have to be complex, rather it should act as a guide for navigating this long-distance relationship. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Keep in Contact With the Child’s Other Guardian

Keeping an open line of communication with your co-parent or other guardian is the basis of creating a quality relationship with your child! This will allow all parties involved to feel comfortable and respected! 

When co-parenting, you should always keep in mind the well-being and happiness of your child. The other parent or guardian can act as the main point of contact, giving you information about your child’s schedule, school activities, and well-being. 

Co-parenting shouldn’t hold you back from creating a special relationship with your child. 

Schedule a Weekly or Daily Call

Today’s technology has made communication pretty effortless--no matter the distance. You can stay connected with your child through many different forms; from video calls to texting, regular communication is key! 

The mode of communication can depend on your child’s age and you may need the help of your other guardian to set it up. Even though your child may be young- seeing one another’s faces and hearing each other’s voices is crucial in maintaining a strong emotional bond!

Create A Routine

Parenting from far away can feel like you are losing the relationship you may have had before with your child. When you live far away, there will be a change and shift in your routine, but this doesn’t have to affect your relationship. 

To maintain a close relationship with your child you will have to adapt to a new routine! A great way to do this is by creating a calendar or schedule. This will allow not only to keep track of when you meet, but it creates something to look forward to! If your child has a calendar they can also keep track of the dates you are coming to visit them or trips you may have planned together. Your child can count down the days and look forward to these special times together. 

Creating a routine isn’t just confined to a calendar! This can expand into traditions too. This could be anything from taking a yearly camping trip to playing tennis whenever you get to see each other. You can let your child lead the way when it comes to the activity. Traditions can create an activity that is special to your relationship! These memories are something your child will look back on and cherish for the rest of their life.  

Send A Surprise

Technology is a lifesaver as far as consistent communication goes, but a digital relationship can only go so far. It is important to find tangible ways to grow your relationships. This can be as simple as writing letters to each other. Letters or drawings sent through mail can be something you can collect to mark milestones throughout their life. 

child writing

You can also kick it up a notch every now and then and send a package. You can send them something off their wish list or maybe things to fuel their new passion--like art supplies or sports equipment. No matter how old your child is, getting a letter or package in the mail is exciting!

If you are a parent who may be far away from their child more than you’d like - don’t worry! There is still room to foster an amazing relationship that was just as special as when you were together. 

The Gift Of Parenting

A parent-child relationship is not like any other! You get to see your child grow into themselves and shape apart of who they are. Engaging and supportive parental involvement from both parents is crucial in the development and upbringing of your child. Being away from your child can be a difficult transition, that is why a long-distance parenting plan is key in leading the way. Your plan can help ease the anxiety and stress of your child - and yourself too! 

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