Using Modamily Instead of Adopting

If you’re interested in starting a family, there are a few options to consider for your lifestyle. There are no “right” or “wrong” ways to start a family, as this decision is solely based on you. Each option is unique to its own circumstances. Here are the main differences between using adopting services and using online platforms like Modamily to conceive a child, if you plan to raise a family. 


Adoption occurs when children who cannot be raised by their biological or legal parents become full and legal permanent members of another family. Adoption is a permanent and important choice for birth parents. Adopting can occur in different ways, whether it's an adoption of a  step-child, relative or an orphan from anywhere in the world. It can occur from a child in the foster care system. The foster system is where a child’s parents have voluntarily or involuntarily surrendered parental rights leaving the child in need of a permanent home. 

Today, adoptions are more common and less “secretive” than in the past. Many children adopted today can maintain their genetic and psychological connections to their birth family through open adoption. 

Here are some specifics about the different types of adoption: 

Domestic Infant Adoption 

This is where a newborn child is placed with adoptive parents immediately after the child is born. 

Foster Carer Adoption 

This type of adoption occurs when a child in state custody is adopted after the biological parents do not meet the standards for raising the child properly. 

International Adoption

This occurs when a child from another country is adopted by parents in the United States. This situation can take the longest to make everything legal. 

Although these situations are the most common, there are many different dynamics of adopting and these are not the only types of adoption that occur. Each of these processes comes with pros and cons and depends on the adoptive parents’ lifestyles, preferences and how they wish to wait to start a family. 

Pros/Cons of Adoption 


  • You can change a life--in the adoption process the child receives a loving home that can change the trajectory of their life. 


  • Psychological issues--If you’re not realistic throughout the adoption process, you can be disappointed. You can lose your child if the situation does not work out. With some adoption types, information restrictions can have negative effects, especially for the children since they may feel like there is one piece of their background missing. This can cause emotional problems or even a need to search for their birth parents later in life.
  • The cost of adoption can be quite high for some families, and everyone who wants to adopt should make an adoption finance plan before even deciding for an adoption. 

It’s important to note that adopting can take years due to all the paperwork and red tape. In addition, if you're a single person, it might not be possible at all whereas if you're a single parent by choice, Modamily can help you instantly.


Modamily is a network where individuals can meet other like-minded people who want to start a family. Today, there are many ways to become a parent and Modamily steps in for members to find someone that wants to raise a child in a similar fashion as they do. 

One of the site’s capabilities that sets us apart from other co-parenting and sperm donor sites is the Parenting and Lifestyle quiz, which helps members determine which candidates on Modamily have a similar vision and values ethic for how they want to raise their child. Furthermore, Modamily has launched Modamily Concierge, where our staff personally gets involved to guide members through their search process of finding either a co-parent, donor, and/or surrogate.

Modamily is also the go-to resource for information about co-parenting and sperm donor laws, fertility options, pregnancy health and well-being, and best practices recommendations on how best to responsibly embark on this journey.

Having a Child of your Own

Having a child through adoption is definitely not the same as conceiving a child. Neither giving birth to a child nor adopting a child is better, both are special, and both are great ways to have a child of your very own. Choosing to conceive a child will share half your DNA, meaning the appearance and certain characteristics will be influenced by genetics. With our services at Modamily, you are able to choose how you want to conceive your child, on your own terms. 

Modamily Concierge 

Egg Donor Search

Instead of using one egg donor agency that only offers a handful of options, MDC maintains relationships with 100 agencies nationwide. After a free consultation to discuss your case and desired criteria, we’ll use our expertise to eliminate stress from the process and help you make the best choice. Choose one of our plans and we will find you 20-30 complete egg donor profiles within 2-3 weeks. When you find a donor you like, we’ll reserve them and connect you with the agency that represents them.

Surrogate Search

Through relationships with surrogacy agencies nationwide, we’ll introduce you to up to five available surrogates that closely match preferred criteria. Surrogacy laws are different in every state, and MDC will guide you through the process in surrogacy-friendly states. All of our surrogate candidates are currently available to carry your child and meet ASRM guidelines.

Known Sperm Donor Search

For a variety of reasons, many clients prefer to know the identity of their sperm donor. Unlike an anonymous donor, a “known” sperm donor’s personal information is available to the recipient. Modamily Donor Concierge has its own database of over 3,000 known sperm donors around the world. Following a consultation to discuss your timeline and preferred criteria, we’ll send you a list of potential candidates within weeks. While known sperm donors receive no additional financial incentives, recipients are required to pay any medical, legal, and travel expenses. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to stay in touch with your donor. As the legal parent, you can customize the relationship that works best for you and your child.

For more information on finding your sperm donor, visit here

Finding your Co-Parent 

Modamily is additionally available to help you find your co-parent. A co-parenting relationship can be romantic or platonic. It’s when two people decide to raise a child together and are not married. Co-parenting doesn’t mean you have to live together, but it does mean cooperating and communicating together. Starting a family together means agreeing to morals and values to raising a child. With Modamily’s large pool of users in the U.S. and around the world, this allows you to be selective in who you want to co-parent with and you get to meet them before making the big decision. Interested in co-parenting- visit our guide here

Overall, Modamily is your go-to service for conceiving and raising a family on your own terms. Whether you choose to adopt or have a child of your own, you are creating a home for a child. To start your family with Modamily, schedule your free consultation today. 

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