Dating Website for Those Who Want Kids

Advancements in technology have led to massive growth in the number and type of dating sites. From dating apps for farmers to a site that connects Star Trek fans, no matter who you are and what you desire, there is something out there for you. Dating sites for people who want kids is no exception. 

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With the average age of both marriage and pregnancy in the United States steadily on the rise, many people find that their window to have a kid is becoming smaller and smaller. The fertile age of women remains the same, even as people wait longer to have kids. 

A common mistake that people who want kids make is continuing to use online dating services that fail to account for this desire. Dating on most online services means that you may have to wait months before expressing that you want kids. After all, mentioning that you want kids to a new date or on your dating profile can be an instant turn off for many individuals. 

Dating in person can be equally difficult. Finding love is not easy, and doing so without even knowing whether or not your partner wants kids can make finding the right partner a long and painful process. Luckily, several dating sites to start a family exist.

Whatever you may be looking for, Modamily is here to help you. Featured in publications such as Washington Post and BBC, Modamily is the leading online dating site to help you start a family. 

Why Use a Dating App for People Who Want Kids?

Finding a romantic relationship is hard enough, so why have an added stress of not knowing whether your potential partner even wants kids. Using a dating site for kids, such as Modamily, allows you to get rid of this needless problem. Knowing that anyone you talk to on the online dating site wants kids can save you months of useless dating and perhaps even prevent a heartbreak or two.

Whatever you are looking for, finding the right partner, surrogate, sperm donor, or co-parent can be very difficult. By allowing you to highlight exactly what you want, Modamily saves you countless hours of searching. 

Who Can Benefit From a Dating Site For People Who Want Kids?

No matter what your circumstances are, if you want to start a family, Modamily will work for you. Modamily is designed for anyone--gay, straight, queer, single, married--who wants to have a child sooner rather than later.

Single People Who Want to Find a Romantic Relationship

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you have tried in vain to find a partner who wants to start a family. Whether it is because you’ve struggled to find the right person, or the people you have found don’t want a kid, your attempts to start a family have not been working. Modamily lets you find a partner from a pool of other people looking for kids. This saves you from needing to pop the often awkward question and get straight to finding your romantic partner.

Gay or Lesbian Couples Searching For the Right Donor or Co-Parent

For many same-sex couples, finding the right donor or surrogate can be a timely process. An online dating service for those who want kids can help match you with the right person. Modamily has thousands of sperm donors and willing surrogates who can help you start your family. 

It is common for a same-sex couple to want their donor or surrogate to participate in the raising of their child. Adding a motherly or fatherly influence to a kid’s childhood can have many benefits. Modamily helps you find a donor or surrogate who is willing to become a co-parent to a same-sex couple.

Single Women Wanting to Have a Kid Without a Romantic Relationship

If you have decided that either you don’t want a romantic relationship, or that finding the right one would take too long, an online dating website to get pregnant is a great option for you. They can help you find a donor that matches your criteria. 

Single parenting is hard, but having the right resources at your disposal can make it far easier. If you don’t want a romantic relationship, but you still want your kids to have a two parents and the added resources that that brings, you may want to pursue a co-parenting arrangement.

Co-Parenting Arrangements

If you want to start a family, but don’t want the stress of a romantic coupling, a co-parenting agreement is a great option. Co-parenting is where two desiring parents agree to commit to raising a child without romantics. This allows you to raise your children with the support of another like-minded adult. 

If you don’t have a friend in mind, an online dating site can help you find another individual who wants to start a family without romantics. You can outline your values and expectations in order to find a parent who shares your beliefs. 

How Do I Get Started?

If you are looking to start a family, or want to help others start theirs, Modamily is the place for you. To get started, simply create a profile, add some profile pictures, specify what you are looking for, and start swiping. Modamily is designed to make this process as easy as possible.