How To Become A Sperm Donor

Choosing to become a sperm donor is a decision that should be carefully thought through, since it may have many benefits--but also a lot of responsibilities. You have the ability to give the gift of a family by choosing to become a donor.

These days, there are many ways to donate sperm. However, choosing this right path for you can be a tough choice. This may require more planning and preparation than you originally anticipated. Either way, it’s important to be informed before making the leap. 

How to Donate Sperm

Sperm donation is a process that involves collecting the semen and giving or donating it. This is a procedure to assist the couple or an individual to conceive a baby. The donation sample can be through a sperm bank or concierge service.

The difference between the two options is being a known donor or anonymous donor. For a variety of reasons, many clients prefer to know the identity of their sperm donor. Unlike an anonymous donor, a “known” sperm donor’s personal information is available to the recipient. You could be a sperm donor for a few different services: 

  • Friends and family 
  • Sperm bank 
  • Sperm donor search service 
  • Fertility clinic 

Directed Donor (Known Donor) 

A known donor registry allows you to match the traits you are looking for, then meet that person, whether online or in person, before committing your DNA to them. This path may have benefits later down the road since, if the child wants to know their biological father, they would be able to.

You could be a known donor by agreeing to donate to a family member, friend or through services like Modamily. However,  being a known donor allows you to set your own guidelines and restrictions. It’s also important to know that meeting the child is completely up to you and its parents, you will never be forced to interact with the child.

Anonymous Donor 

If you choose an anonymous donor or unknown donor, whether from the international sperm bank Cryos or another sperm bank in the USA, there will not be any personal information about you, besides medical and genetic history. 

If this seems like the right option for you, it is important to know that DNA testing services are growing and it’s possible that the child with your genes could eventually find you, whether or not this is what you want. 

A New Method

Choosing online services like Modamily, you make the choice to be known. Your level of involvement is up to you guys but the legal parent is the ultimate decider.

There is no obligation to be in the child’s life, but if both parties want to the decision is still up to you and the parents. You start by creating an account, if one of the concierge customers is interested in you, you undergo a health and background check. You can also search around yourself and see if there’s anyone you think you can help.

Modamily Donor Concierge has its own database of over 3,000 known sperm donors around the world. Following a consultation to discuss your timeline and preferred criteria, we’ll send you a list of potential candidates within weeks.

While known sperm donors receive no additional financial incentives, recipients are required to pay any medical, legal, and travel expenses. 

You’re In Demand!  

Today, sperm donors are actually in high demand. This includes males from all races, ethnicities and religions. However, take note that the process is extremely selective. In fact, at sperm banks, suitable donors are only about 5% of all applicants.

Before you can donate, you must first go through a detailed and rigorous screening process that can take several visits to complete. The reason why the application process is selective might be due to low sperm count, something in the family history or even something in the genetic make-up that men aren’t aware of. 

If you choose to use Modamily, we provide a unique network where members meet other like-minded people who dream of starting a family. Modamily provides a way to help members find someone that they would see as a good match, and meet them in person or virtually. They have the option to create their own parenting guidelines. 

Benefits Of Being A Sperm Donor

Donating sperm can have important benefits. Donors who choose through Modamily get paid medical testing, as well as paid travel or medical expenses. 

That’s because potential donors receive a complete exam from a medical professional at the start of and throughout their donation period. Additionally, one of the biggest benefits is providing a couple in need the option to start a family. 

Make A Positive Contribution And Help Give The Gift Of Life

Becoming a donor is not a quick process as it requires testing and a brief waiting period. But should you qualify, you’ll find the effort could be worthwhile and the benefits are significant – both for you and for those you help. 

FAQs About Sperm Bank Alternatives 

What Are The Legal Implications Of Using A Sperm Bank Alternative?

When you agree to use a sperm donor you will also need to agree to what extent the sperm donor will be involved with the child. Both parties should agree on this if the donor wants co-parenting rights or you and a possible partner are not interested in sharing, it’s important to find the right match.

Both parties should have access to a lawyer and come up with a known donor or co-parenting agreement. Your sperm donor should also sign paperwork adhering to your agreement, so he should be expected to waive legal rights if he isn’t going to be involved with the child’s upbringing. 

Is It Safe To Use A Sperm Bank Alternative?

As long as you ask all of the right questions, there is nothing less safe about finding your donor at Modamily than there is finding sperm at a sperm bank.

Whether you use AI or NI to conceive, the donor will have conducted a full medical screening, including for STIs and a fertility test before the process begins. Proof of these medical screenings will be provided to you, since if the donor has any diseases, particularly sexually transmitted ones; it is your health on the line as well as that of your child.

What Do I Need To Know From The Sperm Donor?

Aside from medical and fertility information, other questions that you ask your donor are mostly up to you. If you are a known donor, it would be recommended that you list your values, morals, education and interests. 

Why Modamily Is A Good Choice For Sperm Donors 

Modamily understands that family dynamics have changed. Today, we are allowed to choose our own parenting path. Choosing to donate with Modamily aligns you with like-minded members who allow you to create your own parenting style, whatever that may look like to you. Visit Modamily for more information on donation prices and packages.