Co-Parenting in the UK

Is Co-Parenting the Same All Around the World?

Co-parenting has grown and evolved in popularity, making many people from all over the world choose this path. It is an agreement set up for those in a romantic or platonic relationship who choose to raise a family together. Co-parenting is not limited to a certain country or state, but it is a universal approach for individuals everywhere to choose a life they want on their own terms. 

Co-parents can be straight or gay, single or in a relationship, childless, or already a parent. They can be friends or could have met recently online at Modamily, from anywhere in the world! Raising a family with a like-minded and responsible person who, just like you, is ready and excited to have a baby, enables you to assure a stable and loving family environment for your child. 

Becoming Co-Parents 

Families come in many different forms- including same-sex parents, blended families, single-parents, parents choosing to raise their family on their own or co-parents who choose to share custody of their family. What’s unique about finding a co-parent online with services like Modamily, is that there is an opportunity to meet the person. 

With co-parenting, both parents share parental authority, as well as custody of the child. However, depending on what part of the world you live in, it is important to know the laws that are associated with custody of your child so the responsibility is set. 

Co-Parenting UK 

Modamily has users all over the world. In the UK, joint residency is considered to be a preferred solution of divorced parents, being in the best interests of most children. However, there are no laws or ‘rights’ that state that a child should live specifically with either the mother or father. Assuming you both have parental responsibility it is up to you to negotiate residency on the basis of what is best for the children. If you are agreeing to be co-parents before conceiving a child, you should also legally agree to share responsibilities and form a co-parenting agreement. Here’s our guide on how to find your co-parent. 

Co-Parenting Ireland & Scotland 

North Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain are the three countries that make up the United Kingdom. In Ireland and Scotland, unless a couple is married, the father has no automatic legal rights in regard to his child. He is legally obliged to financially maintain his child, but not necessarily entitled to care for his child. Fortunately, by choosing to co-parent you can contractually create an agreement that works for all parties involved. Modamily has a large pool of about 3,000 users that live in the United Kingdom and could be the perfect match for you! 

Starting a Family Together 

Looking for a co-parent online has many advantages. First, you can communicate directly with several potential donors or co-parents. Through the app, you’re able to ask them all the questions that you might have in order to help you to make your choice and find the perfect match for you. Additionally, picking a known donor or a co-parent allows you to make private arrangements that suit you both, regarding conception, level of contact, custody, etc. If you and your co-parent wish to conceive a child together, there are a few ways to consider. 

Sperm Donation 

You’ll need to figure out how you are wanting to conceive the child. That option might be sperm donation, where the sperm donor is not a co-parent, but they can have involvement in your and your child’s life, while the recipient is the legal parent and has full responsibility. Modamily Concierge is available in London. While known sperm donors receive no additional financial incentives, recipients are required to pay any medical, legal, and travel expenses. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to stay in touch with your donor. As the legal parent, you can customize the relationship that works best for you and your child. 

Artificial Insemination

A common way to conceive is also through artificial insemination. This process involves collecting and then inserting sperm from a sperm donor into the woman. This procedure can be performed at home with an insemination kit or in a fertility center by medical staff. If chosen at home, this allows the comfortability of being at home. With this, the turkey baster method is used. For more information on home insemination and the benefits and risks associated with this, visit our guide. 

Another option is natural insemination. For more information on this method review our guide on natural insemination here. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an alternative for those who have fertility issues (blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, ovulation disorders, or premature ovarian failure). This is also a solution for those who require donated eggs. To perform IVF, the woman’s eggs (or those of a donor) are fertilized by sperm in a laboratory. The resultant embryo is then transplanted into the woman’s womb.

Check out our guide on international surrogacy laws

FAQ’s About Modamily in the UK 

Who are Modamily's Clients?

  • Single men and women who are ready to start a family and looking for a partner or need help finding a donor
  • LGBT singles and couples looking for a co-parent, donor, and/or surrogate
  • Professional matchmakers that have a client looking to start a family
  • People looking for information on modern family formation and introductions to professionals in the modern family industry, such as IVF clinics, Surrogacy & Donor Agencies, Therapists, and Lawyers
  • Businesses in the Fertility Industry

If people find a good parent match on Modamily - why just have a baby together and not also start a relationship?

The desire to become a parent is why men and women use Modamily, but there is nothing preventing the development of a relationship. Our primary goal is to create a community for great potential parents that remove the stress and pressures associated with feeling that in order to be a parent one must find a spouse first.

How do you think the fast track to parenthood, through a social forum online, will change the way families are formed in the future?

A niche social network like Modamily will definitely help increase the odds of finding someone in a shorter period of time. This goes for straight or gay singles and couples looking for a donor. Everyone joins for the same purpose: to become a parent and have a family. Because people are staying single longer and waiting to get married, sites like Modamily can fill the void by helping those that still want to fulfill dreams of having a child. There’s plenty of time to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, but only a limited time to find Mommy or Daddy Right. Maybe the person you raise children with is not the same person that you grow old with?

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