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Sperm donation is a way for parents to reach their dreams of parenthood. This option is excellent for those who experience infertility due to low sperm, lack of sperm, low sperm motility. Sperm donation is also beneficial for single women or same-sex couples who want a biological child.

Thousands of babies are born through sperm donation every year. Here’s what you need to know about sperm donors and the donation process in Los Angeles, California. 

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What Is Sperm Donation? 

First, let’s start with what sperm donation is and how parents use it to create a family. 

Sperm donation is a procedure where a man would donate his sperm to help an individual or couple conceive a child. This process can be done through injection in a woman’s reproductive organs, fertilizing mature eggs in a lab (in vitro fertilization), or at home using a natural insemination method.

A man who makes this donation is known as the donor, and they can be anonymous or known to the recipient. However, before a man can donate sperm, they must undergo screening for medical conditions and other medical factors. Whether you are on the receiving end of the sperm donation, or the sperm donor himself, there are emotional and legal issues to take into account. 

Sperm Donation in Los Angeles 

Sperm banks are common to use. Specifically, in the LA area, there are many choices to choose a sperm bank. However, with a long list of sperm banks and agencies, it can seem overwhelming to make sure you are making the right decision. How can you know if your donor is suitable for your family? 

Do LA Sperm Banks Treat Donors as Guardians? 

Sperm banks in LA are legally obliged to treat any person who provides sperm for assisted reproduction as a sperm donor and not a legal guardian (unless they are married to the person that would give birth). 

LA Sperm Bank Screening Process 

LA Sperm Banks require an intense screening process, with about 1 percent of the applicants accepted. The minimal selection is because the banks screen genetic, criminal, and personal backgrounds. It is essential to know that some banks charge extra for more “desirable” donors, such as those with careers and lifestyles that are charming. 

LA Sperm Banks 

With almost four million people living in LA, sperm banks screen many potential donors every day. There are multiple types of banks to be aware of and fit the needs of a donor. Here are some questions to consider while selecting a bank- however big or small, and how “hands-on” you wish the employees to be throughout the process. 

  1. How long has the sperm bank been in business?
  2. Is sperm banking the company's primary business?
  3. Does the sperm bank employ full-time genetic counselors?
  4. What percentage of applicants is accepted into the donor program?
  5. What type of donor screening does the sperm bank perform?

Finding a Sperm Donor with Modamily 

With services like Modamily, you can easily find or become a known sperm donor online, in a seamless and streamlined way. Modamily takes away the stress of whether a sperm bank conducted an accurate screening process or not and gives you the option even to meet your sperm donor! It can make the large city of Los Angeles seem small when it comes to your sperm donation or service. 

You know, by using Modamily, our sperm donors are here for the right reasons. Depending on your personal preferences, you have the option to stay in touch with the donor or not and customize a unique relationship for you and your child.   

Specifically, many clients prefer to know the identity of the sperm donor. Modamily Donor Concierge has its database with a growing 3,000 known sperm donors. With a free consultation to discuss your timeline and preferred standards, we will gladly send you a list of potential candidates within weeks, much faster than a sperm bank in the Los Angeles area. 

Looking to Become a Sperm Donor?

If you’re looking to be a sperm donor, most agencies require a background check and evaluations of your health history and family. Also, there may be requirements for height and education. Through this rigorous process, sperm donors obtain compensation for their service. 

Donating with Modamily 

If you are interested in becoming a known sperm donor with Modamily, there are a couple of things to consider. While our known sperm donors receive no additional financial incentives, recipients must pay any medical, legal, and travel expenses. They must agree to a background and identity check and health check, if they are communicating with Modamily Concierge and the recipient.

Choosing Between Known and Anonymous Sperm Donor 

With the option to choose your sperm donor and relationship, you want to consider both options. Some sperm banks and Modamily allow for the donor and recipient to choose a known or anonymous donor. 

With your unique path to parenthood, here are some factors to consider to understand what kind of sperm donor is best for you: 

  1. Should your sperm donor have a familiar connection to the child? If you are not receiving sperm from a family member, this should be considered a serious factor. The child will share genetics with the donor, and it is up to you if the child needs to know the genetic relatives. 
  2. Would you want your child to have a relationship with the sperm donor from an early age? If you answered yes to this, a known donor might be the best option for you. Many sperm banks offer “identity release” for donors who wish to share their information with the child who turns 18. There are also custom options for those who aren’t sure which option to choose. Either way, you should facilitate a legal agreement. Note: selecting a known donor doesn't mean they need to know the child. It just means that’s an option.
  3. What is your budget? Sperm banks can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000, and many women trying to conceive use multiple attempts. Modamily Concierge has already considered this and offers complete donor search packages here. You can also use our search service to find a donor for free!
  4. What is your preferred medical background check? A known donor may come with a more medical and psychosocial background than an unknown donor due to the extensive genetic testing and background checks. If you’re comfortable with a known sperm donor, you’ll need to ask the tough questions as well. This may include anywhere from STDs, smoking preferences, alcohol use, and more that aren’t found in an unknown donor. 


Starting a family is a unique path that is customized to you. Luckily, Modamily is here to help you achieve your goals of starting a family. With our concierge services, we offer not only sperm donation but egg donors, surrogates, and a chance to find a co-parent! 

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